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Visual Storytelling & Photography


Learn how to capture your family with your DSLR (no more iPhone!) using manual settings (gasp!) and edit your raw files to create
b-e-a-utiful images... in just 4 weeks!

once you TAKE THIS COURSE, you'll never go back to blurry iphone photos.

we promise.

In this online course you'll...

step up your photography skills and learn to shoot on manual settings, master Lightroom CC and walk with us step-by-step through our entire start-to-finish photography process (including tips for photographing with kids!). 

Use the code UPSKILL and save 40% ($34.80)

This course also comes with an interactive students-only FB group!

okay, so let's be honest here.

Have you ever felt...

Disappointed when you look through photos and realise you don't have many nice shots of your kids (or yourself)?

Overwhelmed when you pull out your DSLR and look at the manual settings?

Like you've tried to learn how to shoot manual but it hasn't 'stuck'?

Guilty, because you intended to learn to photograph 'properly', but never found the time?

Don't worry, me too!


Let me guess... There's a camera in the back 
of your wardrobe gathering dust?

Like me, perhaps you bought the camera when you had more free time (remember those days?!), and then kids and life happened, and wrapping your head around abstract things like aperture and shutter-speed seems waaaay too difficult now.
Yep, I've been there!

Maybe you just want to capture beautiful, candid images of your high-energy kids? Perhaps you see a memorable moment and grab your camera to shoot, only to miss the cute smile while fiddling with the controls. Our kids are little for such a short period of time, and honestly, as parents all we want sometimes is just a few nice photos of our kids just being kids. Don't worry, help is on the way.

This course will take you from 'eff this' to effortless, I promise! ????

kate's story

"I've always owned a DLSR and loved photography but never really had the chance to learn or things haven't stuck in my head when I've tried, so I usually turn to the trusty iPhone. I did the course the other day and can definitely see a difference already! Can't wait to see the difference throughout the year. Thanks again for teaching in a way that's so easy to understand."

- kate from @KATEANDTRIBE

We'll help you up-skill in...







You'll learn how to create images like these...

natalia's story

"If you want to improve your photography skills, I can't recommend this course enough. I was in their first group and learned so much - more than I learned in a full day photography course I took for a significantly higher price. They are truly amazing tutors."

- NATALIA from @lifewithbabygirl

This course features

  • 9 over-arching modules (split into 21 in-depth lessons)
  • Self-paced design so you can 'binge' or take your time
  • No annoying jargon or confusing terminology. We break all the tricky stuff down into 'normal human speak' 
  • Video and written content with tons of examples
  • BONUS: @darelist.family Lightroom Preset pack ($10
  • Interactive tasks so you can put knowledge straight into practice
  • Member's-only Facebook group for you to get direct feedback on your photos and make real progress

Meet your course instructors

We are Grace & Eric from the @darelist.family and if you're here for this online course, chances are you already know us from Instagram. If so, hey! ????????

We're stoked to bring you this photography course, pulling back the curtain on how we create the images we share on Instagram. A year ago we were uninspired and using our smartphones for most of our photos, even though we had a DSLR. One day, we decided we both wanted to get better at photography, so we downloaded a Lightroom trial and started learning manual settings. We shot almost every day for the next 9 months, got LOTS of blurry pics along the way and learned so much about photography and editing as we honed our style. We've got a ton of information to share, and we're so excited that you're here!

Get 40% off! Save $34.80 with the code UPSKILL

courtney's story

"I was shooting in auto constantly and our feed didn’t have a consistent theme or feel. Since we took the class we’ve not only gotten compliments on how much better our photos look but are being reached out to by way more brands and agencies to collaborate! This was such a great investment!"

- courtney from @OUTOFOFFICEFAMILY 

@outofofficefamily applied what they learned and look at the incredible results!

Inside the course.

Feast yo eyes on this!

This is a 9-module online course covering everything you need to know about DSLR photography, composition, manual settings and Lightroom editing for beginners.

Lessons are self-paced (so you can take your time or binge it!) and include a mix of text, downloads and video tutorials to ensure you get the most out of all aspects of the course.


Introduction to Visual Storytelling

- Introduction to our 'style' of photography

- Digital minimalism

- Finding time as a busy family to photograph


How to decide which gear to buy

- How much photography gear do I need?

- The first purchase we recommend (before you go out and buy an expensive camera!)

- DLSR cameras and lenses


Plan your photos like a boss

- How to develop a style

- Framing your photos

- Shooting 'for Instagram' vs. shooting for framing later

- Finding natural environments to shoot portrait in


Secrets to taking a great photograph

- Breakdown of what it takes to make a great photograph

- Times of day explained (golden hour etc.) and how we use each

- Principles of composition


Our  7-step photography process (start-to-finish)

- See what we do, from research all the way through to post production

- Tips for photographing a wriggly toddler

- Remote shutter, interval timer + tripod


Manual settings (video lessons)

- Depth of Field

- Aperture + Shutter speed

- ISO + F-stops

- How they work together and when to use them


Shooting in RAW vs JPEG (video lesson)

- The difference between RAW and JPEG images

- Why you should change your settings to shoot RAW

- Continuous shooting mode


Introduction to Lightroom (video lessons)

- The difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

- Why we focus on Lightroom CC in this course (as a good entry point for beginners)

- Purchasing Lightroom Presets and Installing the @darelist.family Preset Pack included as a BONUS with the course (18 presets + 5 color corrections)


Master Lightroom CC with our Step-by-Step Tutorials (video)

- Applying presets

- Using edit controls

- Using big 5 functions: crop, exposure, shadows, HSL + clarity

- Linear gradients

- Radial gradients

- Brush tool highlighting

- PLUS, we give you one of our RAW photos to practice editing on step-by-step

jami's story

"I signed up for the @darelist.family photography course and accepted their challenge to take my camera off auto. I've got two words... GAME CHANGER. I loved the course and its simple and effective layout. Best investment I've ever made!"

- jami from @famtravelwriter

Want in?

Plus, get access to an exclusive Facebook group just for students
private fB group

Have questions? Need advice?

As a student, you'll get exclusive access to a limited-time
Facebook group, where you can chat with us.

All our secrets revealed...

We pull back the curtain and show you our complete process.

including how we find incredible locations...


"Your course is a good way to start over, get a good basis and to regain motivation to practice photography like I used to. I really like how you explain... It's not academic or boring, it makes me want to keep reading until the end."


Say goodbye to dark, grainy family photos forever
with our Lightroom tips & presets.

Are you ready to get started?

 You've come at the perfect time.

Here's why...

If you enrol now, you'll get exclusive access as a studentto our private Facebook group where we answer your questions and help edit your photos.


Who is this course for?

How long do I have access to the course for?

What if I'm a complete beginner?

I don't have kids. Can I still take this course?

I have a DSLR but I don't know how to use it. Will you cover that?

I already know how to shoot with manual settings. Will this course be helpful for me?

I only shoot with a smartphone. Can I take this course?

Do you teach Lightroom Classic or CC?

Can I get a preview of the course?

What is your refund policy?

I have more questions about course content. Who do I ask?

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are for any reason unsatisfied with this course or its contents we will happily give you a 100% refund within 30 days, subject to our refund process as outlined in the FAQs above.

We'd love you to join us. Come on in!

Use the code UPSKILL and save $34.80!

* All prices in USD

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