Our Team - CourseFolk


We have a team working in the background, but here are the main people in your corner.

Grace Koelma

founder + CEO

Grace is the CEO of CourseFolk, and is a degree-qualified educator and international journalist who specializes in online course design, aesthetics and writing. She oversees course structure and lesson sequencing for every course, and heads up our writing team to put it all together for you. She's also a mother, slow traveller, wild things appreciator, culture immerser, and constant coffee opportunist...

Eric Koelma


With a background in corporate digital marketing and website design, Eric is our lead Influencer Strategist. He takes influencers through the entire concept to launch process, and ensures all the technical parts of your course (the hosting platform, email automations and student signups) work seamlessly. Think that's a lot? Eric's the rare kind of super-human who also works best between 9pm and 2am, and still manages to rise with the birds, without coffee (he hates the stuff!).

Rachel Bates


Rachel has a background in customer value optimization, email marketing funnels, systems, copywriting  and digital strategy. She advises influencers on best practice for customer journeys and email marketing, should you wish to promote the course to your audience through email funnels.

Ayva Cowell

COURSE editor

Ayva is one of our course editors and researchers. A Canadian writer, photographer, and graphic designer, she lives between Ontario and British Columbia with her two young kids, husband and two giant dogs. When not exploring field or forest with her pack, she can usually be found stand-up paddling, reading profusely, yoga-ing, or some combination of the above!