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Summit Bound

by Michael Dietrich


A step-by-step program that can take you from daydreaming of mountain summits to climbing them in just 4 weeks.

Want to learn more?

In this online course you'll...

learn everything you need to know about hiking preparation, nutrition, gear and safety. And you'll receive my unique 4-week customizable training program, designed especially for hikers. 

Are you ready to get in shape for summer and hike the summits you've been dreaming of?

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Oh by the way, and I'll also teach you
how to hike safely with dogs!

Have you ever dreamed of standing on a mountain?

There's nothing that compares to the feeling of standing on the top of a summit after a long and gruelling hike. You're surrounded by other majestic, snow-capped summits, and - with the wind and sweat on your skin - you suck a deep breath of the purest air you'll ever breathe into your lungs. 

This can be more than just a dream...

The mountains became a place that changed my life. My first hikes were a hobby that quickly turned in to a passion. I have now done more than 500 hikes. Using my 9 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Trainer I can help you develop the strength and endurance you need, so you can earn the views from above, when most others only ever see it from below.

Are you ready?

This is not just a course about hiking.

This course is a combination of hiking preparation AND the best fitness approach from a professional strength and conditioning trainer. Many hiking courses offer the steps to gear up and hike safely, but in Summit Bound you're also getting specific workout routines to get you physically ready to tackle mountain peaks. These exercises can help you strengthen your muscles and prevent injury.

Usually, a training regime and coaching program created by Mike starts at $220. Getting that program PLUS the hiking information PLUS the gear recommendations  (including @megkkee's tips for ladies) PLUS the top 10 hikes PLUS specific information about hiking with dogs PLUS direct access to Mike to ask questions and learn... all for $199 is an absolute steal.

You'll get these printable checklists in the course.

And these workout trackers.

This course can help you grow in







Meet your course instructor

Michael Dietrich doesn't just live and breath fitness. He has the credentials to back it up. Michael attended the Northern Institute of Technology for extensive training in their Personal Fitness Trainer Program. He graduated with a PFT Diploma, CPT Certification through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, and became a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

When Michael isn’t training or designing programs, he's spending time with his dog, BearBear, climbing mountains and seeking out the most extreme adventures and challenges he can find. Mike's mission is to help you train your body to its potential and stretch it to its limits as you become addicted to the awesomeness that is hiking in the great outdoors.

"Michael  is passionate and gives an unchallenged, individual focus. The diverse training methods he incorporates with me have given me nothing but amazing results."


Join this course if you want to...

  • be fitter, happier and healthier than you ever have before?
  • feel confident about the gear and knowledge needed to hike longer distances (and with a dog)?
  • plan to hike that daunting summit you've been dreaming of all these years? 
  • ...and when you do hike it (after training and preparing), absolutely ROCK IT!

What you get in Summit Bound

This is a 10-lesson online course covering everything you need to know about hiking preparation, gear, safety and Mike's customizable 4-week fitness program designed for hiking bigger summits. 

Lessons are self-paced (so you can take your time or binge it!) and include a mix of text, PDF downloads and video tutorials to ensure you get the most out of all aspects of the course.


Preparing to hike: goal setting

For those who've never hiked (or have little experience), knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. In this lesson we talk about setting a fitness goal and why hiking is such a tangible way to do that. We'll discuss what you should consider before choosing a hiking goal, what to tackle in the research and planning stage and how to overcome self-doubt along the way. 


Getting fit for hiking: basic exercises

People approach a course on hiking and strength conditioning from many different walks of life - no two cases are the same. This lesson dives into exploring the unique set of physical circumstances that you come with and explains some fitness exercises you can do to both extend and protect your body, and prepare it for hiking.


My 4-week hiking training program

In this lesson I'll deliver a detailed hiking preparation program designed over 4 weeks. This is comprised of a series of weekly training plans at varying levels of intensity (with options for training 3, 4 and 5 sessions a week). These plans will include short tutorial videos that explain exactly what exercises you'll need to do to train for a hike, depending on your fitness and hiking goals. The program is completely customizable. When delivered in person, this training is usually valued at $220.


Clothing essentials + hiking on a budget

For hiking newbies, going into an outdoor store can be an overwhelming experience. It seems like there are just so many things you need. But the good news is, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to start hiking. In this lesson, I'll share my recommended clothing lists for men and women (I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on the ladies gear though, so my good friend and hiking influencer @megkkee will be sharing her female clothing tips). I'll also give you tried and tested tips on how to save money on gear!


What's in my pack: one-day + multi-day

As your hiking date approaches, you're wondering if you really do have everything you need, and how to fit it all in? I'll take you through my process when packing for a one-day and multi-day hike step by step. We'll cover the basics you'll need, safety provisions and seasonal hazards. When buying a hiking pack, it's imperative that you get the fit and size right before you buy, because hiking packs are expensive and a poorly fitted pack can cause you all kinds of misery in the middle of backcountry. Plus, I'll give you all my recommendations for hiking, camping & navigational gear and printable PDF packing lists.


Hiking safety + risk preparation

The great outdoors can be a treacherous place if you're not prepared. We'll go over wilderness safety and talk about navigation, emergency communication, hydration, wild animal safety, first aid and avalanche safety.


Hiking with dogs: safety + commands

This has been one of my most frequently asked questions and so I am covering my process for hiking with dogs so you can see exactly what I do to keep them safe and healthy out on the trail and the practical steps to train your dog to hike with you, respond to emergency commands and be wilderness-savvy.


Your journey: hiking bigger summits

This is one of the most important lessons in the course. Now you've gone on your first hikes, it's time to cover how to take on bigger summits. I'll give you my tips and guidance for working out when you're ready to challenge yourself further and move from one-day to overnight hikes. We'll cover the Progressive Overload technique and I'll give you training advice for bigger summits. I'll also share moments I've had to make the hard decision to pull out, advanced training tips, and advice on how to handle + prevent injury on the trail.


Mantras, mates + mindfulness

In lesson 9 we're bringing everything together. I'll share the life-changing mantras that have transformed my mental headspace when hiking, and my secret summit ritual (everyone needs a summit ritual!). Hiking is great with friends. I'll give you tips on how to find hiking buddies in your area and join in on group hikes. We'll cover mindfulness while hiking and a rundown on trail etiquette so we can leave this planet better than we found it.


My Top 10 Canadian Rockies Hikes

If you've ever dreamed about hiking the world class trails in the Canadian Rockies, I will give you detailed recommendations for my Top 10 Hikes plus Garmin tracked maps so you can follow my exact map!

Plus, you get access to my exclusive Facebook group just for students
private fB group

Have questions? Need advice?

As a student, you'll get exclusive access to a limited-time
Facebook group, where you can chat with Mike.

Michael Dietrich

500+ hikes

10,000+ hours training

100s of Strength & Conditioning clients

This course is packed with resources.


Any practical fitness exercises or strength training are demonstrated by Mike in easy-to-follow videos, and a flexible fitness plan valued at $220.


Mike is an experienced strength conditioning trainer with a background in sports medicine who will be sharing his knowledge and expertise.


Access an exclusive Facebook group where Mike will run 4-week-long interactive workshops every few months. Join as many times as you like!


Mike has included packing lists for one-day and multi-day hikes as well as all of the training programs and pre- and post-assessments.

Take a peek at the workout program 
I'll teach you to use.

(featuring 10 different exercise sets)

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"Michael is an amazing teacher and mentor. His love of fitness is so inspiring and he has motivated me to become someone I truly wanted to be."



Who is this course for?

When do I get access to the course?

Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

Is this a hiking course or a fitness course?

I don't live in the Canadian Rockies. Will this course help me?

How long do I have access to the course for?

How do I get access to the private Facebook group?

Is there a maximum age you'd recommend for this course?

Will Mike be available to help me train in-person?

What if I want a refund?

You've read this far, you owe it to yourself to ask...

What if just one idea in Summit Bound...
helps you build the confidence and knowledge required to plan a hike you've been wanting to for ages?

What if just one video lesson with Mike...
causes a mental breakthrough that sees you set a fitness goal, choose a fitness plan and see incredible physical results?

What if just one technique in Summit Bound...
sees you hiking toward a mountain peak you didn't think you had the skills, fitness or courage to conquer?

"If it wasn’t for Michael and for the Hike with Mike community I would not be feeling the way I do about life right now. I would not have planned a whole 3-month road trip around must-see hiking trails as I would never have thought I could do it. Now I’ve done it, I know I can do anything."

JAZMINE, hike with mike 2.0

Read what Mike's clients have to say...

I have been training with Michael for a while and I would recommend that anyone with a real desire for an excellent fitness program should go see him. He not only gets the best out of my effort in the gym but he also gives me homework to help with proper nutrition and goal setting. Michael is motivational and encouraging. As a Major League soccer player my recent fitness experience has given me topped up my speed and endurance and has made my recovery much easier after big games. I intend to continue training with Michael for a very long time.


Training with fitMD was a really positive experience for me. In two months of training, I lost about ten pounds, and got renewed motivation. In addition to training me twice a week, Michael created a food plan for me that was easy to follow and used foods that I actually like eating. Perhaps the best thing about training with fitMD was the feeling of support. I received homework to do on my own time, and Michael was always available outside of our sessions to answer questions and provide more guidance.


Through constant encouragement, positive feedback, unbelievable meal plans and the hardest workouts I’ve ever done Michael helped me reach goals and set new ones. It’s amazing to watch the dedication and pride he puts into his work... it goes way past the goals I’ve met and results I’ve seen. If you are serious about changing your life I would HIGHLY recommend Michael to you, he will guide you every step of the way.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are for any reason unsatisfied with this course or its contents we will happily give you a 100% refund within 30 days, subject to our refund process as outlined in the FAQs above.

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