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Love Hard Photo Often

Love Hard 
Photo Often


Learn how to take stunning, natural photos with Kylie & Scott from @lovehardtraveloften

 Have you ever felt... 

  • Disappointed that you didn't get the photos you were hoping for on your vacation?
  • Frustrated that your partner gets awkward with candid-style posing in a nice location?
  • Completely lost using the settings on your camera or trying to edit in Lightroom?
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A few years ago, we were just like anyone else, taking vacation snaps with our iPhones.

Though we loved the memories, printing photos frustrated us because the phone quality was grainy and sub-par, and we always had tourists in the background.

We just wanted photos to cherish for years to come that we LOVED, images that truly summed up our fun-loving, adventurous relationship and the incredible places we'd visited.

It was like we had a vision, but we could never bring it to life. When we saw other couple's beautiful photos on Instagram, we assumed they had a photographer traveling with them 24/7.

We didn't see ourselves as 'photographers' and didn't think it was possible for us to get incredible photos. Then, we bought a tripod. It was a game-changer.

We switched from our phones, to only shooting on our mirrorless camera, learned how to use manual settings and spent hours experimenting with self-timer shots, framing, compositions and editing in Lightroom.

Suddenly, we had 100% control over creating our images and the photos we always dreamed of.

We were hooked, and photography became our obsession. We practiced almost every day for more than 6 months, and through (LOTS!) of trial-and-error we formulated tons of time-saving hacks and creative photography techniques. 

We've cracked the code for amazing photos, made it simple, and we want to share everything we've learned with you in this course!

$129.00 now 60% off

In this online course you'll learn...

how to dramatically improve your photos and compositions, shoot using manual camera settings and edit in Lightroom like a pro. You'll get an inside look into our complete start-to-finish process... including location research, clothing, candid poses and shooting techniques.

We even cover how Scott went from eye-rolling about pictures to being the first to suggest a shot! ???? (proof there's hope for anyone!)

UK & czech republic

"Kylie & Scott have done such an awesome job with their photography, and are really committed to it! It’s only in the last few weeks that we’ve started being really happy with what we’ve created and wish we could have done it all so much quicker! These guys nailed it and are always pushing us to do better."


Our exclusive LHTO Mobile & Desktop Presets pack 

We also give you a step-by-step guide on how to install the presets and use them in Lightroom.

$19.99 Included

$129.00 now 60% off
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In this course, we'll teach you how to create images like these, even if you've never picked up a camera before.

(YEP, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! no experience necessary.)

We break it ALL down for you... step by step!

Our course is the perfect way to learn photography with your partner. ????

Love Hard Photo Often

Love Hard 
Photo Often

What you get in this online course:

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6 modules, split into 33 step-by-step lessons 

Self-paced design so you can 'binge' or take your time

9 step-by-step Lightroom video tutorials

Camera, Drone and GoPro gear lists 

PDF checklists, worksheets, and printables

Interactive tasks to practice what you've learned

6 mobile & desktop Lightroom presets

Our hashtag secrets for Instagram growth

You'll have lifetime access to this course & bonuses anywhere in the world, as long as you have data or a wifi connection!

Say goodbye to dark, uninspiring photos forever 
with our Lightroom video tutorial series.


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you also get our

Checklists, cheat sheets and handy glossaries

 No more awkward poses... 

We give you tips on what to wear and how to feel natural in front of the lens (girls and guys!)

We'll help you with...







 All our secrets revealed... 

We pull back the curtain and show you our entire photography process.

What's in this course

Take a peek at what's inside...

This is a 33-lesson online course covering everything you need to know about couple's photography, composition, camera settings and Lightroom editing for beginners.

Lessons are self-paced (so you can take your time or binge it!) and include a mix of text, downloads and video tutorials to ensure you get the most out of the course.


 Couple's photography

This first module takes a dive into our journey with photography (Scott was a frustrated, non-lover of photography!)

You'll learn exactly what changed it for him, and what you can do when your partner just isn't into photography. Plus we give you our '101' tips to instantly improve your photography process (and end result!)


1. Our photography journey as a couple

2. When your partner isn't into photography

3. Tips to instantly improve your photos


 Photography gear

The most common recurring questions we get are about gear. We cover what we started with, what we shoot with now, why we chose it, and what we recommend for you when starting out (including GoPros and drones). Oh, and we answer that all important question: "How much should you spend?"


1. Gear list: The bare essentials

2. Gear list: Drones and GoPro

3. How much should you spend?


 Manual settings explained

We know, we know... manual settings on a camera can look intimidating ????We'll teach you exactly how we get our crisp/sharp images and give you an easy-to-understand break down (in normal language and with examples) of the 3 main things you'll need to know: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO (and what the heck f-stops, image noise, and depth of field are). Fear those camera settings no more, my friend!


1. How to take crisp photos

2. Focus and depth of field

3. Aperture and f-stops

4. Exposure and shutter speed

5. ISO and image noise

6. Combining it all - the exposure triangle

7. RAW vs. JPEG formats



Great shots require intentional planning and an understanding of composition and styling. We share with you what we look for to create our photos. This module dives into where we find inspiration, couple shot techniques, location hunting, composition and framing, the best times of day to shoot (different locations require different times of day!), our clothing and props (based on the location) and poses for both guys and girls. It's a break down of every component of a shot.


1. Getting inspired

2. Couple shot techniques

3. Location hunting

4. Composition and framing

5. Time of day

6. Clothing and accessories

7. Props 

8. Poses


 Our complete photography process

This module puts it all together...We take everything learned in module 3 about camera settings AND module 4 about composition, and take you through a standard photography day, start-to-finish. It really is sharing absolutely everything we do (except what we eat for breakfast).


1. Prep the night before

2. Start-to-finish photography day


 Lightroom editing (video lessons)

The final part of our process is editing photos in Lightroom to adjust and correct the light and color balance. In this module you get a series of screen recorded video tutorials to teach you how Lightroom works and give you an over-the-shoulder experience of how we edit our photos. We also give you one of our RAW images (and you get our bonus presets with the course), so you can literally copy us and follow our brush strokes. There's also a mobile Lightroom tutorial for those who want to do simple, quick edits on the phone.


1. Introduction to Lightroom

2. Importing photos to Lightroom

3. Applying presets

4. Cropping the image

5. The edit panel

6. Linear gradients

7. Radial gradients

8. Brush tool

9. Step-by-step editing on a RAW photo

10. Exporting the image

11. Editing in the Lightroom mobile app


Edit your photos in just a few short clicks with our Lightroom presets.


  • Cape Town
  • Cinque Terre
  • Croatian Sunset
  • Lake Lover
  • Plansee
  • Rovinj

Today can be a turning point in your photography. Ready?

  • The 33-lesson Love Hard Photo Often course 
  • Bonus: Our Desktop and Mobile Preset Pack ($19.99)
$129.00 get 60% off
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Meet your course instructors

We are Kylie & Scott from @lovehardtraveloften - a travel couple from Seattle on the adventure of a lifetime. We've traveled to 40+ countries so far, and have dozens more on our bucket list. In early 2019 we quit our jobs to travel the world, finding a passion for photography along the way.

We started out with little experience and no formal training, but through lots of practice we've refined our skills. Not so long ago, we were clueless about camera settings, Lightroom editing, gear and interval timers. If we could learn it, anyone can!

We'd love to show you our process, and teach you to create couple photos of your travels that you truly love and are proud of. We learned through hundreds of hours of trial-and-error, but you'll get a shortcut with all our best tips and secrets. ????


"Kylie & Scott’s photography skills are more than impressive and there was so much I was able to take away. It is very rare that you find two people whom are this dedicated and passionate about living their dream. Kylie & Scott are truly striking souls and being able to work with them was beyond enriching!"

We want to empower you to take candid photos that you fall in
love with. 

Just think...

You could spend hours trawling through blogs or YouTube videos trying to find the 'secret sauce' for improving your photos? ???? (no thank you!)

OR, get our proven, step-by-step strategy, with every single thing you need to know, including Lightroom tutorials, in a lifetime-access course? ????

Here's what learning photography did for us. Imagine what it could do for you...

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So, to recap, you'll receive:

  • The 33-lesson Love Hard Photo Often course 
  • Bonus: Our Desktop and Mobile Preset Pack (valued at $19.99)
$129.00 60% off today

Still got questions?

Who is this course for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I don't travel all that often. Is this course still for me?

I don't have a partner. Can I still take this course?

What if I'm a complete beginner?

I have a mirrorless or DLSR camera but I don't know how to use it. Will you cover that?

I already know how to shoot with camera settings. Will this course be helpful for me?

I only shoot with a smartphone. Can I take this course?

Do I need to have Lightroom installed for this course?

What are presets and how do I use them?

Do you teach Lightroom CC or Classic?

What is your refund policy?

I have more questions about course content. Who do I ask?

And if your question isn't here, DM us at @lovehardtraveloften. ????

Are you ready to begin this journey with us?

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We'd love you to join us inside
Love Hard Photo Often!

$129.00 get 60% off today
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