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frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We're an online company with a team working around the clock from all over the world... Canada, Australia and Europe. (Meet our team).

Do you have your own course platform?

Yes we do! CourseFolk is a platform that was custom-built solely for our influencer partner's online courses. Its design includes a major focus on a smooth and intuitive user experience, a simple membership management system and a secure payment gateway.

Can I look at one of your courses?

Absolutely! Watch the video below for a short preview of one of our courses, or ask our team for a guided walkthrough.

How does the commission structure work?

This is a joint-venture partnership. That means we both put in the agreed share of the work upfront and split the profits 50-50 when the course sells. All payments are handled transparently through our system Thrive Cart, and you'll get access to a personal dashboard where you can see sales, the commission breakdown and your payouts.

What sort of profit could I see?

We launched a course with hiking influencer @michaeldietrich, who has 20K Instagram followers. After validating the idea through IG stories he had 200 people on a waitlist. Just 6 weeks later, he launched his course (you can check it out here) and earned $3,672 USD in the first week alone. And now he has an asset to sell over and over again.

Our strategy is proven and works with Influencers of all sizes, and experts across many niches, so imagine what you could earn?

Does this cost me anything?

This collaboration costs you NOTHING. Yes, you read that right.

No up-front costs, no hidden fees. We create this course as a partnership. CourseFolk bring the website tech experience, qualified education consultants, course-writing & marketing strategy, and you bring the audience (or willingness to build one with us) and your unique experience and skillset you've spent years honing. We work together to promote the course through social media and (optionally) paid advertising and you receive an affiliate commission for each course you sell. Sound good?

Why are courses so profitable?

Maybe you've thought of making a course but don't know where to start, or if you have enough time or experience? Or maybe you've never really considered adding a digital asset like a course to your business?

You're a business owner, so let's talk numbers. 

Online courses are insanely profitable and are exploding in the social media world right now.

At CourseFolk, we take the stress out of course-creation and give you a passive income that you can make a significant profit from, forever. Which gives you more time to do the things you love. 

We're creating a digital asset for you that you can sell over and over. It's not some short-lived 'pay for post' type income. It's a partnership where we absorb all the risk up front, for long-term success. This course will be a recurring income source for you. We make it, you promote it, everyone wins.

Will the course be my intellectual property?

The course you contribute knowledge to will be your intellectual property, hosted on the CourseFolk site. We'll handle all the 'techy stuff'... membership sign-ups, support emails and website hosting, so it's all off your plate. Phew! 

How does the process work?

We know how much time it takes to manage a blog (both content and tech!) let alone finding the time to plan lessons, write, research, film video, create PDFs and (ugh) the dreaded proof-reading and fact-checking stage. 

Basically, we interview you for 2 hours and then create lessons from your ideas and skills. We handle the education and tech side - pacing, lesson sequencing and design beautiful PDF downloads and spreadsheets, do research, and work with you to make a course you're 100% proud of

Our favourite thing in the world is sending the finished course to our influencer partners and witnessing the pride and amazement on their face when the see their course for the first time!

What about promotion? I'm not a salesperson.

We totally get that you don't want to be 'salesy'. Trust us, being spammy is actually the worst way to share about your course.

With CourseFolk, you'll have a team of digital marketing experts to help you design the most natural and effective way to share your course with your Instagram community and beyond, and best of all, help lots of people take action and change their lives!

We'll guide you through a sales goals template and reverse engineer a social schedule to make sure you hit your profit and student-satisfaction goals without being 'salesy'.

But we also don't tell you what to say, or give you 'creative' to share. You know your audience. They trust you. So do we.

When the course is ready to go live, we stick around to help you sell it. We will create you a kick-ass sales page (a bit like this one), and create Instagram story templates (if you want them), and brainstorm content ideas for you to promote the course - if you want our help with this! The opportunities for growth are endless.

We'd love to create a course with you! Are you in?

Big things are in your future, if you want them to be.