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Curious about CourseFolk?


CourseFolk is a company carving out a niche in the influencer and expert industry that is only just emerging, so we have to do a little bit of legwork when it comes to explaining exactly what we do. But hey, luckily we love our job, so talking about it isn't hard!

Below you'll find answers to a couple of common questions we get, so you can understand more about who we are and what we're about.

What do CourseFolk actually do?

We collaborate with both social media influencers and industry experts to help them articulate and package their experience and expertise into courses that help hundreds of people create real change in their lives.

Essentially, we're an online course delivery platform, but we're unique because we also have a dedicated and all-round awesome team that works with you to write the course, design and promote it.

Our team have more than a decade experience in education and strategic marketing and so we basically provide and run the entire engine to deliver a course, on-going as a passive income source for our partnering influencers. 

How it works: video

Take a look at this 2 minute explainer video to see how our process works.

What people say about working with us

Michael Dietrich

“I have had the goal of using my skills and experience to create a passive income revenue stream for myself for several years. The task of doing this felt so overwhelming. I felt driven but didn't know where or how to start. I had ideas, but how do I execute? I was presented with the opportunity to work with CourseFolk to build a course in my areas of expertise. Although nervous, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Thank goodness I didn't!

In just 6 weeks an incredible course was built from scratch. I can't quite describe the feeling of waking up, refreshing my email and seeing $1000's of dollars of passive revenue in my account.

Grace and Eric took 90% of the work off my hands with their tech savviness and skill set. There was work and commitment on my end which at times felt overwhelming, but Grace and Eric were there with support and always happy to help.

Once the course was built and finalized they were with me every step of the way through the launch period, market strategy and everything in-between. This has literally been the best partnership and customer service I have ever received. I can't wait to work with them again on future projects.

I would 100000/10 recommend CourseFolk.”

“​Wow, this is incredible. Especially Module 4 really exceeded our expectations. Awesome job combining so many different inputs and resources into one cohesive program. We’re lucky to have you guys!”

Jesse & Joyce


“First, thank you for all of your hard work. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to pull together this information from all three families and try to present it in a meaningful way. We really appreciate all of your time and effort. Also, the visuals are great. It looks professional yet friendly, and the overall look and feel is consistent and easy to absorb.”

Kris Romanovskis


“Grace is a natural storyteller. I was stunned by how she applied her thoughtfully refined talent and brought our brand to life. The second quality is her flexibility and readiness to work what is available. She’s like a shell that births pearls from seemingly nothing.”

Frequently asked questions

Still have more questions? Click here to find a FAQ page with even more of the nitty gritty explained (including a preview of one of our courses, how the earning structure works and intellectual property.)